Mission, Vision & Beliefs
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Mission Statement

At Kensington Elementary School, we work together with families and community members to provide a safe learning environment that fosters academic, emotional, social, and physical growth for all students.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Kensington Elementary School families, staff, and community that our students are prepared to be contributing members of the ever-changing world by becoming independent lifelong learners.

Belief Statements

The following statements express our core values at KES.

-We believe in high academic standards. -We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child. -We believe all children can learn. -We believe children learn best in a safe and nurturing environment. -We believe learning is best when students and teachers are passionate about education. -We believe learning can be fun. -We believe children learn best when they are active participants in their educational choices when appropriate. -We believe that a partnership between community, family, and school is necessary for learning. -We believe clear expectations are a foundation for success. -We believe in holding children and adults accountable for their actions. -We believe in respect, responsibility, and citizenship. -We believe in educating the whole child. -We believe in fostering the creativity in each child. -We believe in teaching children to understand themselves as learners. -We believe in fostering a strong sense of self. -We believe in promoting a healthy child. -We believe in fostering cooperation. -We believe in making students of Kensington aware of their place in the world. -We believe that good communication skills are necessary to succeed. -We believe in fostering social skills among students. -We believe in creating a cohesive environment. -We believe KES is a community. -We believe a successful student will possess good study habits.


-We believe that all Kensington Elementary students will leave prepared to meet the challenges in their academic futures.

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