School Profile

School Hours:

Start: 8:40 am

Dismissal: 3:10 pm

Early Release: 1:00 pm


122 Amesbury Road

Kensington, NH 03833

Phone: (603) 772-5705

Fax: (603) 775-0502

It goes without saying that Kensington Elementary School is the heart of Kensington...

A small town with just over 2,100 residents, Kensington is a wonderful place to live and learn! The students and staff at KES are fortunate to have such a strong and generous community supporting our school and celebrating our successes.

Our 4th grade Adopt-A-Visibility Project this spring was a great example of our close connection with the people and town of Kensington. With help from local tradesmen and the Farm at Eastman’s Corner, our front entrance has been redesigned and beautified for all the citizens of Kensington to enjoy!

When school opens this year, KES will have just over 100 students coming through its doors. Given our small class size, instruction at KES will continue to be individualized and tailored to meet students’ needs both as young children and as curious young learners. Our dedicated staff has been working diligently developing “I can” statements in both reading and writing so that our students can continue to progress along a continuum of literacy skills. Learning is about inspiring students - the teachers at KES do that everyday!