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Student Achievement

The focus of school improvement is on creating a comprehensive learning organization that understands, cares about, and works for students. In a comprehensive learning organization focused on students, leadership works to prevent student failure as opposed to reactively implementing the latest innovations or taking a fire-fighting approach to making decisions that affect student learning. A focus on students causes leadership to move teachers from roles as providers of information to researchers who understand and can predict the impact of their actions on students and student achievement; and students from recipients of knowledge delivery to goal-setting, self-assessors who produce independent, quality products. In schools where students and student learning are clearly the focus, expected student outcomes are known, teachers collaborate and are skilled in action research, in knowing, predicting, and acting on the impact of their actions to increase student achievement.

Until teachers are able to predict the impact of their actions on students, change their actions based on these predictions, corroborate the effect of their actions with students, and work with peers to build a comprehensive learning organization, any increases in student achievement and changes in the classroom will be temporary.