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Christine Culver - Third Grade Teacher

On a hot Austin spring  day in 1982 I was sitting through an excruciating class of micro-economics.  As my eyes began to glaze over I was overcome with a moment of clarity and decisiveness, a major in business was not for me.  I went the next day to my advisor and changed my course of study from marketing to elementary education and I have never regretted it!

I received my Bachelor of Arts in 1984 in elementary education.  I spent six months substitute teaching to save money for a move to New England, a long time dream.  I soon loaded my Ford Tempo and headed to Manchester, New Hampshire.  I had given myself 30 days to find a teaching job or head back to steamy South Texas.  Thirty days to the day I was hired by the Autistic Unit of Spaulding Youth Center (SYC).  This was the best first job I could imagine because everything I learned in that very intense, challenging, loving, and remakable environment contunues to shape me as a teacher today.  While at SYC I earned my certification in special education and began my Master studies in the same.

Though very happy at SYC, after four years I longed to work in the public school system. I soon secured a position in special education at Weare Junior High School where I taught students with learning disabilities and completed my Master of Education degree.  Since that time I have taught elementary and middle school age children in Seabrook, Exeter, Greenland, and finally Kensington. It is here I made the move after 16 years from special education to regular education.  I know that my background in applied behavior analysis, systematic phonics and special education in general have helped me to be a better classroom teacher than I would have otherwise been.

I have just completed a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Leadership and hope to one day be a school principal.  Right now I am very happy teaching the children of Kensington.  I feel more fortunate than one can imagine to teach in this wonderful town and teach in a school of consumate professionals who not only challenge and inspire me professionally, but also make me feel I am among family; a family that works, plays, and learns together.