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SAU 16 Vision For Our Graduates . . . A Compass to Guide Our Work

Each graduate demonstrates engaged learning and citizenships through the ability to solve problems independently and collaboratively with perseverance and resilience, and communicates solutions with confidence and empathy.


Statement of Purpose:

The KES Competency-Based Learning Committee seeks to support Kensington Elementary School in the on-going exploration and implementation of competency-based learning practices by nurturing a collaborative network of educators, students, parents, and other community members ; as well as, to foster a culture of school engagement and lifelong learning throughout the Kensington community.

 Our activities may include, but are not limited to: facilitating communication between the school community and the broader Kensington community; educating community members about competency-based learning and its application at KES; and soliciting ideas and feedback from community members.

 The committee’s mandate is not tightly scripted, rather it remains fluid so that the committee is able to respond to the emerging needs of educators, students and the community as the school’s engagement with competency-based learning deepens.


Last reviewed and adopted: November 17, 2016




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Introduction to Competency Based Education

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