Lili Spinosa - Physical Education Teacher


     I am thrilled to be the physical education teacher at KES.  I love my job!  I grew up in many different states,  living in Pennsylvania, upstate New York, southern California, Indiana and New Hampshire.  I graduated from Purdue University in 1980.  Upon graduating, I taught at two elementary schools outside of Indianapolis, Indiana while working on my Masters Degree.  I received my Masters Degree from Indiana University in 1984.  Then, after moving to New Hampshire in 1986,  I began teaching at Newmarket Elementary School.  In the year 2000, I was fortunate enough to begin my teaching career at KES.  

     I can honestly say I knew I wanted to work with children and sports since I was in 4th grade.  That was pretty amazing, because I attended a school that had no physical education program!  I never knew there was such a thing as a physical education teacher.  I did grow up with three older brothers and that is where I received most of my sports education.  During that time, girls did not have many options when it came to sports!  Given the choice of joining a swim team or gymnastics team (my only two options), I chose swimming and continued to swim on swim teams. I ended my swimming career on the Purdue University Women's Swim Team. I enjoy being involved in many family activities with my husband and two children.

     For years, the focus for Physical Education was on sports, games, and encouraging the "athletes" to do well and continue in sports.  This focus left the great majority of students behind.  Physical Education has changed throughout the years.  We live in a time when children ride in cars to most activities, spend much time indoors (due to weather, for safety, or for use of games), and are involved in "organized" sports instead of outside "play".   Physical education classes must fill the gap left by our changing society and we must reach all children.  Activity and exercise is a lifelong skill that must be taught and encouraged throughout a child's educational experience, and PE is the class that teaches these skills. Through the use of sports, games, dance, and different activities, students will learn to love to move, and this appreciation for movement will allow them to become physically active adults.  Hence, the goal of the KES physical education program is to become a healthy active adult. Physical Education classes must also address the issues of health and nutrition.  Students should have an understanding of food, its nutritional values, and choices.  They will be faced with challenges and need the knowledge to make good health choices.  Knowledge is power...

Here at KES we offer different active opportunities outside the PE class for children who chose to move.  We have morning exercise clubs which are all about moving- what a great way to start a day of learning!  Our options have included:  jump rope, yoga, dodgeball, walking/running, Dance Dance Revolution, and hopefully will have more options as time goes on.

It is awesome and exciting...remember "Education is Physical"!