Annie Beauchemin - Art Teacher

My name is Annie Beauchemin. I look forward to every day of teaching and experiencing art and expression through hands and heart! I have loved art since I was a young child. In school that was a good thing since I was interested, but average in music, and interested, but not at all talented in athletics! I didn't even feel very accomplished in drawing until I was in high school, but I have always enjoyed playing around with lots of art and crafting materials.

My formal schooling in Art Education K-12 occurred during my years at Penn State University. I also attended a year at Butera School of Art in Boston studying illustrating and commercial art. I have taught art to elementary school children for fifteen years in Bucksport, Me., So. Portland, Me., and Kensington, NH.

Before my three children were born, I sold my pencil and watercolor artwork and taught art classes in A Wink and a Dream art shop located next to the footbridge in Perkins Cove, Ogunguit, Me. While my children were young, I taught preschool and after school art classes in my home for eight years, and was a Kindergarten aide for a year. I have also done commercial art work for ski resorts, hotels and the Chamber of Commerce in No. Conway, NH. When not involved in art, I enjoy talking with all types of people, reading and movies about people, history, taking walks, gardening, and involvement with church activities. My husband keeps me moving in other ways...skiing, kayaking, sailing and biking.


I love to use my artwork to make others happy. I try to pass that love on through encouraging students to give their artwork to people they know, and people that need care. In class, a few times a year, we work hard on gifts for our family members. The Heart of Art Club which meets bimonthly on Tuesday afternoons at KES, is founded on the love of expression, and the love of giving art expression to others.

As the KES Art Teacher, I want to expose our students to many different forms of art, mediums, cultures, and styles of famous artists. Students need lots of time with discovery through hands-on learning. Art is a natural facilitator for hands on discovery. Ideally, I like to introduce a new concept, artist, style, or medium in the first ten minutes of class, so that the students can use the remainder of the period to learn and discover using their minds and hands. If I talk too long, the students often remind me that they want to get their hands into the materials!


Students love it when their art is displayed. It does not matter if it is displayed on a refrigerator, school display board, or framed on a wall. It is important that the art expression is appreciated, just as the artist is appreciated. We are all developing artists, on a journey finding out more about ourselves, and the materials of expression. Each piece of artwork is a small window into your child's mind. Enjoy the viewing!